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“What does it mean to be human and how do we live human lives as members of local and global communities?”

This is the question central to all our public debates. It is the question around which all cultural and political discourse has always revolved. Yet, we have seldomly been so confused and uncertain about what the essence of personhood and human identity is.

Assuming there is in fact a way of truth that leads to life and beauty, what do laws, traditions, customs, institutions and creative expressions look like which will facilitate individuals towards personhood in community?

I seek to commit myself to the interpretation and evaluation of cultural narratives by which individuals, communities and societies understand reality and their own humanity,  from which they aspire to live free and meaningful lives.


“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Servaas first as a theology student, and then later as a conversation and ministry partner through East Mountain near Stellenbosch. His is a relentlessly inquiring mind complemented by a gentle and inviting personality. A rare combination in a young man passionate about truth, and thus a real gift to the Christian community.”
-Dr James B Krohn, KRUX Centre for Christianity and Culture


While I am exploring employment opportunities I am also thinking through what a learning community set in Stellenbosch could look like, where individuals from different backgrounds and disciplines can engage with the Christian tradition and its vision for human flourishing. Amongst other things, I am presently involved as a facilitator of an informal Worldviews discussion group on Stellenbosch University campus, critically assessing the ideas driving various political and economic doctrines.

I will continue to conduct personal research into matters of personal interest and in time hope to enrol in a PhD course in the field of philosophical theology.

I would love to keep you informed of my whereabouts and experiences via an occasional newsletter.

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I have a passionate curiosity about how worldviews (or, self-perception) shape customs, behavioural trends and ethical practices (or, self-expression), whether from an individual or communal perspective. I seek to participate in the sensemaking and wayfinding journeys of individuals, organisations and communities, assisting in the eventual humanisation of practices and systems.

In a business or organisational environment I see these objectives translated as:

– interpreting market behaviour and social consciousness trends, in order to contribute to the development of responsible processes and communications and a commitment to the humanisation of business culture and practices
– interpreting and simplifying ideas and concepts in order that they may be communicated in a creative and effective manner.

After obtaining qualifications in commerce and marketing and working in the Cape wine industry for nearly five years, I began pursuing this vision through graduate studies in theology and involvement in learning communities. During these studies I focussed on themes related to personhood, salvation, worldviews and political theology. Most recently, I completed an MA in Philosophy by Research taught by Sir Roger Scruton through the University of Buckingham, under the supervision of Samuel Hughes. (scroll down to read my full story)

My research thesis was titled, Reforming Individualism: A Critique of Sartre’s Account of the Self and Responsibility.

Roger Scruton Buckingham MA


While reading for my MA degree through Buckingham, I participated as a non-residential member in the Community of St Anselm, as per the invitation of Anglican Archbishop, Justin Welby, to ‘spend a year in God’s time’. This was a formational experience through which many questions relating to faith and humanity was posed in a very personal manner.

Justin Welby St Anselm Community


“Servaas lived as a residential member of the East Mountain Community for three years and for two of those years served as the Residential Advisor, helping to shepherd and care for the other Residents and many guests from all over the world. His humility, intellectual curiosity and unique ability to relate across cultures made him an invaluable member of our missional community. Wherever he goes, Servaas is sure to make an impact for the Kingdom of God.”
– Gabriel Smith, Co-Founder and Director of East Mountain


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