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Sex in Progress

I had one of those rare ‘worthwhile discussions’ on social media this morning. One of those where you feel better about the world and its people afterwards. You know? If you don’t, it is totally understandable, they happen rarely and … Continue reading

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A Tangled Web: Don Jon Highlights Real-life Effects of Internet Porn – Mary Rose Somarriba

From time to time I come across an article, speech or writing  which just has to be shared. Not necessarily reported on or disected, just shared. This is one such article which is filed under the Verbatim section. The original … Continue reading

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Cosmopolitan Girls

A thought I’ve been pondering quite a bit lately was the old theory (which I have every reason to believe is fact) of how that which one beholds one becomes, or differently put, that which we constantly expose ourselves to … Continue reading

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The Great Plunder: how much more will men demand and can women afford to deliver?

This post is a contribution to a series called ‘Pornography: Poison and Prey’ which is a collaborative series of posts assembled by Gemma Wilson, looking at the poison of pornography and its prey. Gemma writes about slavery/human trafficking, objectification/sexualisation and … Continue reading

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#LFL – League For Losers… ultimately

When I first read about it, being mentioned in an article about some broader topic, I pictured the Lingerie Football League to be a steamy calender with a Miss January, February, March… and so forth, representing various football teams of … Continue reading

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‘Sex sells’ they tell us. But what are we really buying?

First of all, apologies to Elena Rossini for using a post title from her The Illusionists blog – although it seems she drew it from another ad banner maybe? Well, sorry to whoever coined the phrase. I’m sure they’ll be … Continue reading

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Politically unclothed

The DA’s Student Organisation (DASO) turned, as culture demands, to sexual imagery in their latest ad campaign to reach their target market – which I guess are late teens and 20-something ‘forward thinking’ South Africans. The ads appear mainly on … Continue reading

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