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In search of ‘shame-covering’ garments

The review of Hélène Opperman Lewis’ Apartheid: Britain’s Bastard Child (image below) intrigues me especially as my research this year focuses on identity and its need for a narrative. Apart from this I am of course a South African from … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech – a Scruton lecture

The following is a compilation of notes drafted during a lecture by Professor Roger Scruton on ‘Freedom of Speech’ at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, on 21 March 2017. Note: this is not a verbatim transcript of the actual lecture but a … Continue reading

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No Ordinary People

I live about a ten minute walk from the university offices where I go at times, to work on my thesis. It is the same route I go down to get to church on Sundays and halfway along gets me … Continue reading

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Fighting monsters and contracting horseshoe syndrome

Seeing the images of historical portraits, valuable paintings and other property being burned on UCT campus – as a reflection of so many other campuses and situations in our country – and reading some of the comments people make in … Continue reading

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Through the hole in the hedge

“Any thoughts?”, asked a friend on facebook. On whether we should, instead of worshipping some system or trusting it to heal our land, rather focus on “fortifying people from the problems created by the systems that direct their lives and … Continue reading

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The power of a statue

Why on earth am I writing about a statue again? What is so powerful about a statue that it deserves my time? These are some of the thoughts bothering me this morning. Much of South African (and other) internet has … Continue reading

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10 Years a Slave: an inconvenient truth

This is part of a series of posts I am currently writing, looking back at significant moments and experiences over the past 10 years. Stories of people delivered from forms of addiction or destructive behavioural patterns are powerful. They are … Continue reading

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