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Q: When is a human being ethical?

A: When a human being is being human. Whether you read the title question as, ‘When is a human being ethical?’ or ‘When is a human being ethical?’, you read it correctly. The question of ethics arises along with the … Continue reading

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Pax Idem: Sameness and the Difficulty of Diversity

“They should all just get with the program and change to the right”, says one commenter. Some countries are “just stubborn”, says another. These are some of the tongue-in-cheek comments appearing underneath a world map posted on twitter. The map … Continue reading

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A Morning Prayer

  Lord, Grant me eyes that I may see Your goodness Grant me ears that I may hear Your loving call and words of guidance Create in me a pure heart, that I may know You and You dwell in … Continue reading

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Sex in Progress

I had one of those rare ‘worthwhile discussions’ on social media this morning. One of those where you feel better about the world and its people afterwards. You know? If you don’t, it is totally understandable, they happen rarely and … Continue reading

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In search of ‘shame-covering’ garments

The review of Hélène Opperman Lewis’ Apartheid: Britain’s Bastard Child (image below) intrigues me especially as my research this year focuses on identity and its need for a narrative. Apart from this I am of course a South African from … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech – a Scruton lecture

The following is a compilation of notes drafted during a lecture by Professor Roger Scruton on ‘Freedom of Speech’ at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, on 21 March 2017. Note: this is not a verbatim transcript of the actual lecture but a … Continue reading

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No Ordinary People

I live about a ten minute walk from the university offices where I go at times, to work on my thesis. It is the same route I go down to get to church on Sundays and halfway along gets me … Continue reading

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