“Servaas is the only person I know who when he makes a statement, interrupts himself while making it, and then starts to debate his own statement.” -Servaas’ dad

We all view the world from some biased position which is mainly formed by the culture we find ourselves in and also the information we are exposed to. These views are shaped and managed through the people and ideologies we choose to follow.

I believe every action is a reaction and therefore my duty: to discover the reason behind the behaviour.

My predisposition stems partly from the fact that I am: South African, Caucasian, Afrikaans speaking, male and born in the 1980s. I cannot choose whether I want to follow but only who and what I follow.

A great passion of mine in life is to allow these views of mine to be challenged and at the same time challenge popular worldviews with mine.

the stir will provide, interpret, discuss, and challenge current news, views and events… and a few other things tickling my interest. Basically: my thoughts, about things, on paper.

_MG_0088Feel free to add to the discussion by sharing your views and experiences and challenging my facts with yours.

“In coming to understand anything we must reject the facts as they are for us, in favour of the facts as they are.” – CS Lewis

Also read my opening post for further motivations behind this blog.

“We speak not only to tell other people what we think, but to tell ourselves what we think. Speech is a part of thought.”
Oliver Sacks


About me? My answers to the usual questions are:blue,cats,tea and obviouslyI’d like to consider myself a realist but in reality I have strong optimistic tendencies leading to idealism at timesI read too much and sleep too littlePassion and dedication inspire meHumility humbles meI love runningI run like the wind: chances are, you won’t be able to keep up with meI have a man crush on CS LewisI’m intrigued by the manifestation of nationally and culturally shaped identitiesI get an appreciative kick out of seeing these stereotypes confirmedI like words,they say things so wellFreedom is what we desire above all else so Truth is what we must seek above all else


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  1. To think you have been out there all along! How delightful! So glad I stumbled onto your page.

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