Why Beauty Matters

The idea of beauty as a moral proclamation is one I’ve been confronted with over the past few months. Beauty is more than a simple matter of taste. There is a place where beauty and truth intersects and, following from that, a place where perverting beauty or treating it as something profane is actually immoral.

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This then from Gunton, his thoughts on this in his book Christ and Creation (paraphrased), which I read as I’m preparing for an essay on the imago Dei:

Of the oddest features of our modern world is its divorce of the worlds of work and that of art, function and beauty. The pursuit of work is for the most part conceived in economic terms and the world of aesthetics treated quite seperately, often in terms of high culture or recreation (‘leisure’). This, in general, is a form of fragmentation of human experience that replicates the structures of fallenness rather than those of the teleology of creation…

…What we can and should offer is a vision of what it is to be in the image of God and a consideration of how we should seek to embody it in our communities of worship and life.

The blog title was taken from Roger Scruton’s documentary on the subject and its importance Why Beauty Matters (59 min – worth a watch)

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“Beauty is the remedy for the chaos and suffering in human life…The beautiful work of art brings consolation in sorrow and affirmation in joy.” —Roger Scruton.



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