Darkness can Light not comprehend

George Orwell stated, “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Together with that, I find exposure to those who unashamedly fake their own deception to push various political agendas troubling and difficult to swallow – it lead to this ‘scribbling’ or ‘written revolt’ of mine.


Tempted daily to initiate or partake in a fleshly revolt

against the world system and its proponents

but by grace I choose to actively hope in the One

who dismantled powers and principalities, instead;

He who grants a greater wisdom

an incomprehensible peace to my restless heart.

Their mockery fallacies and illusions, His promises sure.


As a lamb ‘lead’ to the slaughter;

spitting, slapping, mocking He endured.

The Enemy sensing victory, of that he was so sure.

But the Lamb was too crafty, busy conjuring up the cure.

The Enemy had his puppets,

asking for a sign they mockingly carried on.

Death was yet approaching, the Enemy snickering at the expected roasting.

Demolished from the earthly domain, this prudent One back to His Father’s house will return.

His creatures despising His holiness, so much better the Enemy’s earthly bliss.


But this One so pure, so clean, will soon through Hell’s gates stumbling be seen.

For the only sign He’s willing to show is that of Jonah.

In death, in decay, in all the world’s sin,

He will be clothed in the proper attire

so that into the depths of Hades He may be swallowed in.


The Descent into Hell - TintorettoThis is not right, the Enemy panics.

“Has the Holy One been defeated, or have I just been cheated?!”

The sin, the decay, the whole filthy attire;

it was shed at His feet, exposed who He was.

Light came down into darkness. Darkness could not comprehend. 

A struggle pursued. Hope suddenly renewed.

Darkness revolted and vomited Him out, and even some with Him.

Death was defeated, a mission completed, now at the right hand He’s seated.


As did the whale, so too did Hades,

so too now this earth and all creation, so too my flesh.

Darkness can Light not comprehend.


All said should not necessarily be taken as Scripturally accurate, as some of it are mere possibilities of a situation not too clearly communicated or otherwise understood by me at this stage.





Sam, in the Lord of the Rings, upon discovering Gandalf is alive: “Is everything sad going to come un-true?” Timothy Keller suggests the Christian answer in light of Revelation 21 is “Yes”.

Related film suggestion: The Second Day by Love Bombswatch trailer


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