Me…in the Booth with Ruth

In the light of Human Trafficking Awareness Month (January 2013), Ruth Jacobs is running a series of interviews with advocates and activists, as well as survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The interviews can be read here.

Raising awareness is part of the solution to abolishing human trafficking and sexual exploitation. To join the fight against modern day slavery, you can help by spreading the message.

Below is her Human Trafficking Awareness Month interview with myself…and to learn more about her Soul Destruction literary works, which highlights the reality of prostitution by means of fictional writings, read my interview I had with her on this topic here.


How did you become involved in the movement against human trafficking? 

ImageWhile busy studying in 2008, I browsed around the web (as one does) and came across an article discussing the effects criminalisation and, alternatively, legalisation of prostitution has had in various countries. I was quite shocked to learn what conditions most of the prostituted women found themselves in – varying from being drug addicts, to suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, to being victims of regular abuse by both their pimps and clients.

Prostitution, of course, is only one channel through which trafficking occurs but as I browsed further I came across a short video clip produced by the A21 Campaign, in which the organisation’s founder, Christine Caine, explained how she first came to the knowledge of this worldwide injustice of slavery. What she was saying in that video touched something inside of me and led me to educate myself further on the issue of trafficking itself and also on various other issues creating a culture in which a demand for slaves exist…

…for the rest of this interview continue reading it on Ruth’s blog



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