He is risen! Or is he?

Not sure what your views on Jesus’ resurrection are based on? Mine is on the fact that when I communicated my need for freedom from sin and death to God, my life was and is affected in the exact way the Biblical testimony described it would be and will continue to be affected.

I came to that place through the testimony of others who had a similar experience of the resurrection power on offer, while during it all demanding from whoever or whatever ‘god’ (creator/designer/force/architect/spirit/distant one) may be that he must show me truth and I will bow to it.

When we accept or reject any testimonial or historical account of any event, on the basis of what do we do that? Is it not a combination of the credibility of the source communicating it to us and the the co-operation of our personal experiences and logical reasoning? Yes, but we must be careful of not letting the dogma directing us and the beliefs it is grounded in unnecessarily interfere with the interpretation of the facts presented to us. We must remain honest sceptics, willing to change our opinion for the sake of fully experiencing the freedom that Truth brings.

All other theories and reasoning for what happened to me fail in comparison still, and all historical and legal insights into the event seems to be in favour of a resurrected Christ, so I would have to be an illogical, unreasonable and inconsistent man to not conclude that Christ is risen. If this is not so, the most significant demographic I would ever form part of is that out of all people that ever existed, I will fall under the segment: ‘most pitiable of all men’. (1 Cor. 15:12-19)

“In coming to understand anything we must reject the facts as they are for us, in favour of the facts as they are.”       – CS Lewis



About Servaas Hofmeyr

For life through Truth.
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