How will you Celebrate your Freedom?

Celebrate your freedom with me as we buy back theirs km for km…

I have been volunteering at the South Afrcian anti-trafficking initiative STOP – Stop Traffickiking of People for just over a year now where I serve in the capacity of web and social media manager. We have now been registered as a Section 18A NPO which functions from our base in Stellenbosch, South Africa with our vision to serve and influence the nation as a whole.

Millions of women and children are spending their days in captivity as we live in the age with more human slaves than any other time in history.

30 million people is simply too much to truly comprehend but if we fight with one individual in mind, we can see a person being set free from captivity.

Trafficking also occurs in South Africa but little is known about the reality of the situation as it is not always monitored and defined well enough by our law system and police force.

STOP aims to play a leading role in changing this current situation by:

  • creating awareness around the reality of human trafficking among South Africans through educational sessions at schools, continual sharing of online information and the availability and spread of educational material
  • engaging with government concerning the regulation of trafficking within and across South African borders
  • partnering with like-minded organisations and groups to establish a safe environment through which people can exit slavery
  • More about STOP


I will celebrate my freedom through the STOP organisation by running 2 races in 2 days at the 2012 2oceans marathon event. My challenge to you is to match me kilometre for kilometre in your local currency as I run 43kms over the two days.


Partner with us by contributing financially to help us buy back her freedom.

Donations could be made directly to STOP’s bank account:


Account Name: STOP (cheque)

Account Number: 623 4543 2885

Branch Code: 200610

Ref.: ‘STOPrunning’


**STOP operates as a Non Profit Organisation (NPO).

NPO nr: 050482

SECTION 18A Tax nr: 930025698

If you require a tax certificate, please contact us.




About Servaas Hofmeyr

For life through Truth.
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