Are you coming or will you stay?

It’s been seven years to this day

since the question you posed:

“Are you coming or will you stay?”

I’ve said yes to that before

But every time I remained there,

watching you walk away from the door

‘Yes’ I always said, but never followed

This time though I sensed it clearly

an ultimatum from one who loved me dearly

In some way it was the last opportunity to respond

yet now daily I hear those words resound



It was the craziest thing that ever happened:

a soul saved, a life washed clean

I started following the Nazarene.


I asked for truth and that is what You gave me

up to now was blinded, then was made to see

For years I followed after the lie

Until you immediately turned when you heard my cry


For the first time it all made sense

What I see, feel, hear, taste and touch

never before meant much

for as my man Clive Staples in similar words did say:

I believe in You as only through You I make sense of all that’s at play


Seven ‘real’ years to this day

You the Potter, I the clay

Patiently the stubborness you knead away

Those words I’ll continue to hear

(along with a healthy doseage of fear):

“Are you coming or will you stay?”


*13 March 2005 is when I finally bowed my knee to Truth as I by grace no longer tried to give answers against it, no longer did I depart from my weather discerning logic in order to act blind to it.


I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”             -CS Lewis



About Servaas Hofmeyr

For life through Truth.
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