Sexed up kids and their loser parents

This is a response to a few news paper articles I’ve read recently, all discussing sex and the sexual culture developing among our youth – the culture we, the ‘grown-ups’, are developing among the youth to be more specific. First up is former sex-bomb, Raquel Welch, who speaks about how shocked she is to see how cheap and meaningless sexual intercourse has become among the youth today. Then I read how the Swiss government is manufacturing special ‘extra-small’ condoms for 12-year old boys and that Britain will stock them soon seeing that “we know young people are having sex and if this is what it takes to protect them, we need to go along with it”. Similarly, Family Planning Victoria (aka Family Ruining) in Australia suggests to government close to the next Federal Election, taking place at the end of this week, that condoms should be made available to children as young as 12-years old. Next up the Daily Mail reveals how big names in the music and news paper industry are warning about the way in which pop stars are sexualizing their sheepish followers and finally the American Sociological Association steps in to inform parents that having sex won’t influence their children’s academic results at school, just in case they were wondering you know.

So Welch, who has admittedly been married four times and doesn’t claim perfection at all, tells about how she got her first child, in marriage, at a very young age and how she should’ve considered consequences and her career a bit more thoroughly. She is just astonished and upset at how people could go on doing things without considering consequences merely because it’s fun and what the other sheep are doing at the moment.

The cases of Switzerland, Britain and Australia highlights the fact that we’ve reached a place, culturally, where common sense plays no role anymore and where the supposed leaders of society choose to condom the youth’s foolishness rather than to condemn it. What! Are you having sex? Oh, here’s a condom and I hope you don’t die or suffer from relational and emotional problems later on. Well, you probably will but I won’t be the one preventing you from doing so. Research shows that children who are given comprehensive sex-education and also those who are handed condoms ‘for the sake of safe sex’ are more likely to practice sex in the first place and secondly, to fall pregnant. I ask once more, where is the logic in handing condoms out to children (or adults in the age of AIDS for this matter) in a way which promotes promiscuous, extra-marital sex? Thankfully, the two candidates running for Australian Prime Minister stated how ridiculous such a suggestion is.

Next up are the two Brits, Mike Stock from the music industry and writer, Bel Mooney. Both point to the progressive trend which the music industry has followed through the years. Sexual themes were introduced years ago and now they are concerned about the fact that we’ve reached the place where all the big names in the industry make use of soft porn to sell their music. And the kids following and mimicking it are not high school seniors or university students, they are barely out of primary school.

Then, the last example and almost the most ridiculous one I’ve heard in years, coming from a study done by the American Sociological Association – the opening line should say it all: “There’s good news for parents who worry that their teenagers’ sex lives are affecting their school performance: A provocative new study has found that teens in committed relationships do no better or worse in school than those who don’t have sex.” How sad.

To sum it up: kids are more exposed to sex everywhere they go and grown-ups are acting too cowardly to warn them of the dangers of engaging in it.

We are telling our kids: “Mommy is more worried about you getting low grades than the possibility of you contracting AIDS or suffering emotional scars due to your promiscuous behavior my dear, first finish your home work, then you could go over to Johnny, or Jason, or whoever for the night. Oh, and I love you honey!”

Or: “Dad cares much about you and would like to see you grow up to be a man of integrity but I’d rather not speak out against your stupid deeds, I’ll show my love by giving you all the condoms you like so you could possibly practice safe sex and show the girl you’re sleeping with tonight that you care. Love you my boy, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope you grow up to be the man I am.”

Imagine the world wakes up?




PS – a day later and I read this brilliant article by Bill Muehlenberg where he discusses the Brits’ response to the state of the music (entertainment) industry as mentioned above and further shows how the very women who fought for women rights now regret their actions as they consider the sex culture now existing among their daughters and their peers.


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One Response to Sexed up kids and their loser parents

  1. ReapSow says:

    I think this is partly a consequence of the naturalistic and humanistic worldviews permeating Western society, since these views have no real philosophical basis for absolute moral values. And so, adults (society) with weak moral convictions will produce kids with the same or worse values, aka moral degeneration. Kids do what you do not what you say. You sleep around, they'll sleep around and the spiral continues down and down, where we'll stop, nobody knows…

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