Washing birds, killing babies

The oil leak which has been spilling an unthinkable amount of the black stuff into the Atlantic Ocean on a daily basis for nearly three months straight has now finally been plugged. Or, sort of it seems. We’ll have to watch and see if the patch lasts. It is without a doubt the biggest man-combined with nature-made-disaster of late. Lots of damage has been done to the marine life in the Gulf area and secondary to that the income which was sourced from that part of the ocean was cut which meant quite a few businesses are in the process of or has already closed down.

What caught my attention, however, was the eagerness which emerged from people who absolutely had to wash the birds – if you know what I’m saying? We saw those typical images of pelicans and other ocean based creatures totally covered in oil through which certain media groups are communicating one clear message: look at what us (you!) awful human beings have done to these innocent creatures once again, all you money-hugging, non-caring people!

To tell you the truth, I get no pleasure from watching animals splashing around in oil and it honestly upsets me. Further, I appreciate those selfless people who give their time and effort to take care of and help save these animals. It truly is a noble act. The same goes for those who decided to take of their clothes, and pitched up only wearing body paint to protest against fur-farms and unnecessary fur trade recently. At first sight you think to yourself: what are the hippies up to this time? I then read up on the fur-farms and realized that it is actually quite appalling what is going on there and pretty much unnecessary in my opinion.

One of my ultimate role models is William Wilberforce. He is best known as the man mainly responsible for the total abolition of the slave trade in 1807. What everyone might not realise is that he was not against the slave trade in particular but actually against any form of injustice which sprung out of man’s sinful nature. Amongst other things, he also spoke out against cruelty against animals and would probably have fought for the closing down of these fur-farms himself today.

Now, coming to the reason for writing this article, what I’m really upset about is the fact that most people today do not practice compassion and hatred against injustice as consistently as Wilberforce did. I do realise each person can’t fight in every single battle and contribute to all the noble causes in the world but certainly we need to prioritise and be consequent regarding these matters. I also expect and accept that some people just don’t care while others always will. Coming to the point, it upsets me that these same people who stand in the gap for the oil-drenched or abused animals would at the same time stand indifferent with regards to the mass killing of human babies. At its worst, they will even stand against those who do speak out against these inhumane murders. Same goes for those fighting for the right to life of the fully human, unborn foetus, they also shouldn’t only care about that but this is where priorities come into the picture.

We live in a culture where we actually refuse to face the realities of abortion.  We choose to convince ourselves that killing a baby is like taking eggs out of a birds nest and disposing of them. No one really gets hurt, not the mother, not the baby. If you are interested and can deal with what actually happens during partial-birth abortions please see these illustrations and read this. It is your right to know just as it is your right to know what happens on a fur-farm for instance.

The mother who aborts remains a victim for very long and possibly for the rest of her life. An argument such as it is her right to choose just doesn’t cut it for me, who argues like that anyway? My point is that if you protest for the protection of fauna and flora you should surely put in a voice for the protection of human beings (mothers and babies) more eagerly but in general it’s just not happening. One of the main arguments I hear for the protection of the environment is that we must consider, or even owe it to, the next generation. The same person that argues in that way then stands indifferent to, or even for, the actual physical killing of the next generation. To me this logic is seriously flawed.


“Wherever there is animal worship there is human sacrifice.” -GK Chesterton




PS – I finished this article last night and then came across this tragic story in a news paper today where two couples are suing doctors for failing to diagnose Down syndrome in their unborn babies, denying them the chance to terminate their unborn pregnancies.


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